#26669: wp-admin.css should be broken up into modules

During 3.8, we started to work on Adding a CSS preprocessor by using SASS for the color schemes in WordPress Core. We also had some great discussion about using a CSS preprocessor.

Most of the ideas for where we want to end up (Either using a pre-processor like Sass or a post-processor like Autoprefixer) depend upon our CSS not being in a single file with over 13k lines.

Something like this needs to be done early in a release cycle since it will 1) invalidate patches that are currently based on a single wp-admin.css file (though MP6 already invalidated almost all of them from before 3.8) and 2) creating a patch like this is time consuming and relies upon wp-admin.css not changing while the patch is being created.

I’ve created ticket number #26669 and uploaded a patch which shows the grunt and script-loader changes necessary. These changes make it so the only difference you see when running WordPress from /src are that you have more css files being loaded in the browser. It will still work smooth.

Please share your thoughts on splitting wp-admin.css up. Ideally we can make a decision on this during or before the January 8 Dev chat in order to get this in for 3.9.