The group formerly known as Metamorphosis Update

Yesterday we held our last round of presentations of post meta library authors. Here’s Daniel Quinn on WP Extend, Tom Auger on Zeitguys’ Meta Tool, and Joey Kudish on Custom Metadata Manager.

RIP Metamorphosis

Our current project is not a feature-as-a-plugin. Features are big, user-facing elements that would probably get slapped onto a WP version’s About page. We are a bit more under-the-hood. We’re officially now working as the Metadata component group, working on our current task of creating an API for a metadata UI . Although this doesn’t really change our focus, I do think it’s a less pointed perspective to bring to the table, which is good.

Organizational Changes

We’ve been operating out of a big ol’ Google doc since day one. That’s been fun, but we’re going to get a bit more organized. I’ve created a project overview page for the Post Meta UI API project Github repo (Updated 1/11/14), which should serve as a portal to all related content.