Automatic updates for 3.8 started to flow early…

Automatic updates for 3.8 started to flow early Monday. Since major releases are opt-in, future ones will get automatic update instructions immediately. It should have happened on release day this time as well (oversight on our part). Minor releases will continue to get a delayed roll-out. 3.7.1 happened over the course of about four days, while 3.8.1 will probably happen over a few hours or a day at most.

Success rate is around 99.78 percent of about 15,000 updates. That’s a bit lower than 3.7.1, which was 99.988 percent for about a million updates. This is to be expected; for example, far more files were changed. Definitely some great numbers but also lots of room for improvement! I’d love to be able to count the number of critical failures on two hands by the end of 2014.