Tonight’s 3.7 nightly build is marked WordPress 3.7.1…

Tonight’s 3.7 nightly build is marked WordPress 3.7.1-beta1. Here’s the zip or use the Beta Tester plugin set to “point release nightlies.” It fixes #25689, #25690, #25700, #25705, and #25706. (See the report.) We’re also looking into a PCRE UTF-8 issue in #25709.

#25700 is a particularly nasty bug that affects working with image captions in the visual editor. It was caused by a regression in Uglify.js. Please test. (It should also work with 3.7 with SCRIPT_DEBUG set, sans-patch.)

As noted in my auto updates post, update fatigue is much less of an issue now, so our strategy for maintenance releases will surely undergo a shift. In this case, though, this one would have required a quick release no matter what. (We just might have felt a little bad cause of it.) Usually critical bugs are also hard to trigger, thus affecting few users. This one is easy to trigger.

At this point, I’d expect 3.7.1 to drop over the weekend.

#3-7, #3-7-1