Agenda for today’s meeting in #wordpress dev at…

Agenda for today’s meeting in #wordpress-dev at 20:00 UTC.

  • Go over the last few days of progress, as well as what we’ve been learning via statistics for background updates. (Spoiler: excellent.)
  • Need a commit or revert on #20316 (garbage collect transients). It has a patch — the queries need testing and review.
  • Need a decision on #24963 (IIS stuff).
  • Finalize the about page. It’s going to be text-heavy as there’s nothing to show off UI-wise. What about a single giant three-column image across the top? I mean, it can be a picture of a sunrise for all I care. Or some screenshot of the WordPress admin. Or some photos from the crowds at WordCamp San Francisco and WordCamp Europe. Anyone have any ideas?
  • WordPress 3.7 Release Candidate 1 (by tonight).
  • Branch WordPress 3.7 (after RC1).

@dd32 and I are working on #10787 this afternoon as well.

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