Team Rep

Hi core team! Checking in on the team rep situation — just waiting on core team to pick one for the next three months before getting all the other teams going with theirs (their new ones, I mean; everyone else already chose). It’s been a couple weeks, so would like to get this wrapped up today if possible. I asked Jaquith in -dev just now about the result of the meeting yesterday, and he said: “I believe we were going to let people volunteer themselves or others.nominate, decide, soon.”

If that’s already underway, great, and please let me know later today who you all decided on.

If it’s not really a priority bc core development is taking up all the prioritized brain activity, may I suggest @dh-shredder? When Scribu bowed out last time, we all agreed for Shredder to replace him, but though I talked to him about it at WC San Diego and then posted his name on the team reps page on the make/updates blog, I apparently forgot to post a formal announcement. So if no one is feeling an urgent desire to step up and write weekly updates and relay news back and forth, maybe Shredder would be willing to take the 3-month term, formally this time?

Anyone you guys decide is fine, but please do decide today.