Post By Email weekly update

This week, I finally released the Post By Email plugin into the official repository, which inspired me to do a lot of incidental cleanup (readme files, test instructions, etc.).

I finished updating the Core deprecation patch for 3.7 — it’s in the plugin repo and will be submitted back to Trac once my mentors get a chance to review it.  (Comments and feedback welcome!)

I also powered through the remaining infrastructure tasks.  The latest version is 0.9.9 (look how close that is to 1.0!  SO CLOSE) and includes the following:

  • Improved error and status logging
  • Scheduled mail checks via wp_cron
  • Prettified settings page (with stuff like consistent date/time display)
  • Autoloading of Horde library files (HT to ryanmccue for the example)

If you happen to have access to an unsecured POP3 mail server and want to test this and see what breaks, I’d love to hear about it.  (Be sure to patch Core with the deprecation patch first to avoid weird behavior.)

The 1.0 release will include IMAP and SSL, at which point I will start requesting beta testers in earnest.

I just spent the last few hours tracking down a bug in my clear_log function, which turned out to be caused by the Settings API validation function being triggered when an AJAX function (called from the settings page, but not with a form submit) called update_option.  I worked around that, but haven’t yet figured out why it’s happening at all — any insights would be appreciated.

#post-by-email, #weekly-update