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Terribly sorry for the delay, but I’m pleased to announce that Omnisearch will be meeting Fridays at 5pm Eastern Time, 21:00 UTC, Thursdays at 6pm Eastern Time, 22:00 UTC, in #wordpress-coreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress.-plugins on freenode. Happy to adjust it later, if that’s too early or late for folks in other timezones.

Omnisearch is a central search form, meant to simplify the process of finding what you’re after. It is designed only for the WordPress Adminadmin (and super admin) Interface — not the front end.

By default, it searches Posts, Pages, Media, Comments, and the Plugins Directory. However, it’s easy to hook into, and provide custom results from third-party modules, such as Grunion Contact Form in Jetpack.

Omnisearch has been living in Jetpack for a few months now, and has gotten mostly positive reviews. The only complaints that I’ve heard were that it doesn’t search media (which has since been added), the relevance isn’t always ideal (it just uses the default search that happens when you use the existing search form on the posts page or the like), and some coming from a misunderstanding where they were expecting it to be on the front-end of the site — not merely an admin tool.

Interested parties include @japh, with @lessbloat helping to design some user testing to determine its usefulness as a part of core.

If interested, you can install it yourself here, which will override the version in Jetpack if you happen to have that installed [ I made sure to only include the Jetpack one if ( ! class_exists( ‘WP_Omnisearch’ ) ) ] :

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