Core Updates in 3.7

One of the goals of WordPress 3.7 is to start automatically updating WordPress for minor releases. So, if you are running 3.7, you’ll be automatically updated to 3.7.1. @pento has worked on a plugin for this called Automatic Updater. It actually does a lot more than we need, like supporting nightly builds, SVN checkouts, and such. Based on some conversations with @dd32, here’s what we need to do for updates in 3.7:

  • Automatically update WordPress when we can. #22704
  • Verify the sanity of our download package, which includes package signing, SSL, etc., and only updating automatically if we are sure we are secure. #18577 #25007 #20074
  • Verify that files were copied over, to increase stability. #18201
  • Do anything else we can to increase stability, like #17301 #14049 #22881
  • Think about email notifications for updates to admin users (for when we can’t automatically update you). #10787
  • Think about allowing direct updates when we are group-writable, not just owner-writable. #10205

If you are interested in any of these tickets, please jump on board!

#3-7, #updates