Agenda for today’s 3.7 chat at time 20:00…

Agenda for today’s 3.7 chat at 20:00 UTC:

  • It looks like we’ve closed more than 800 tickets since 3.7 started. We increasingly need to develop some patterns here so we can sustain this. Let’s talk about how we can start targeting individual components, keywords, ticket statuses; and also we need to start to getting the 3.7 report in shape.
  • Discuss a timeline for the release. When should we have stuff ready for a beta 1, when should we hit RC, and when should we aim to release? What should we done for beta 1, versus what must be done for RC1?
  • The JavaScript working group decided on QUnit as our JS testing framework. There is an initial patch, which necessitates we move our PHP tests into a directory. Quick discussion and decision on where it goes.
  • Approve a Trac organization plan to use milestones for features-as-plugins and for Twenty Fourteen.
  • Work is starting on upgrades. We need to build out a proper task list and see where people are willing to help. (More on that in this blog post.)
  • Version 3.6.1 discussion and triage. It’s been four weeks, we should get things ready.

I’d like to keep this chat to 30-40 minutes, followed by 20-30 minutes of unstructured office hours / Trac ticket review / 3.6.1 triage. The 3.8 meeting starts right after, at 2100 UTC.

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