Post By Email: Roadmap for the final stretch

I met with my mentors this past week to hash out the spec for the final iteration of the Post By Email plugin.  It can be found here; I’m updating it as I finish tasks, as well as tracking them in the GSoC Trac.

This week, I tested under PHP 5.2 and made a few small changes to the Horde library files to support both 5.2 and 5.3 (the Horde framework requires a minimum of 5.3).  I also refactored the admin-specific methods (adding menus and so on) into their own class, which is loaded only if is_admin().

Of the original feature list, we’ve decided that supporting multisite is currently out of scope (though it may well work anyhow — it’s globally disabled in Core for a multisite install, but I can’t think of any reason to restrict it for the plugin).  Attachments and comment reply via email are on the “nice to have” list, meaning I might not get to them (at least, not before the official internship period ends).

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