Code Revisions: Week 9

Version 0.7 is tagged and I am planning to submit it to the plugin directory later today or tomorrow.


Viewing code revisions now feels much more native: By default WordPress makes use of normalize_whitespace() before comparing two posts to one another. This results in loss of blank lines and missing multi-space indention as often seen in css files. I fixed this by plugging into the wp_text_diff() function (#302). Further more you now get the correct menu item expanded when viewing code revisions (#316).

Besides those I am still struggeling with syntax checking (#335). Looks like I will be settling for just using ‘php -l’ if available. Problem there is I am still not able to get a reliable path to the php binary. Since PHP 5.4 there is the PHP_BINARY constant, so I need a way to get it manually in PHP versions lower than 5.4..

#code-revisions, #weekly-update