Agenda for today’s dev meeting Review why how…

Agenda for today’s dev meeting:

  • Review why/how we’re doing features-as-plugins for post-3.7 releases (@samuelsidler)
  • Start cranking on tickets, discuss any major tickets we need to discuss, check if anyone is stuck or wants something to work on (@duck_)
  • A number of people are working on make/core posts to kick off some 3.7 initiatives (updates, language packs, inline docs, develop.svn ideas list) or jumpstart conversations for future dev meetings (CSS preprocessor pros/cons) — let’s aim to get these done this week.
  • This meeting will be followed by 3.8 office hours at 21:00 UTC. There is no 3.8 meeting tomorrow — postponed for this week.

Also, the JavaScript meeting (IRC logs) went great:

  • @kadamwhite and @carldanley will be enumerating JS style preferences and working on a jshintrc
  • @jorbin and @kadamwhite are working on JS unit tests (#24870, #25096, #25088)
  • We’ll be formally adopting JSDoc for inline documentation (same basic style as PHPDoc)
  • Also discussed include JS actions/filters (#21170)

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