Code Revisions: Week 8

I skipped some weeks here; sorry for that. WordPress 3.6 was released and now there is quite some talk about 3.7 and 3.8 ongoing here – I really like the plugin approach! It actually is the same approach recommended to us GSoC students for the projects. Many features which can be put together by core developers when they team up might be essential to WordPress while maybe still not essential as part of core. This way WordPress development could get much more dynamic for the future.

As of the discussion on my last post 0.6 the plugin now primarily uses php -l for syntax checking – if available. If not, I am still falling back to eval (#335).

For the next weeks the plan is now to bring a more code-editor-like look to the code revision viewer: Show indention and lower the line spacing etc. This will need some not so pretty overwriting of pluggable functions because most spaces are stripped for diff-creation.

Further more I will discuss releasing the plugin to the plugin repository with my mentors as preparation to final considerations if or if not this or part of this should get into core.

#code-revisions, #weekly-update