Migration update: brief hiatus

I’m glad to see the excitement that the recent 3.7/3.8 discussions are generating. I’ll only write a short update today on the importer.

Since I’ve been moving back to campus and am in the midst of a busy staff training period (as disclosed in my application and timeline), I haven’t been able to get much coding in, and won’t have the time to code new features until next week.

I’ve received some very helpful feedback that led to resolutions, and will continue fixing bugs in the little time I have this week:

(I periodically check old and open tickets on Core Trac for the importer/exporter to see what I can handle within the scope of this project.)

Meanwhile, I’m also examining the Relocate tool‘s handling of large sites — out-of-memory issues — which will eventually be resolved in the bigger picture by integrating it into the importer or attaching it to WP_Importer_Cron so that it, too, can work on a schedule.

Next Monday, a new beta of the cron-based importer will be tagged and released for download.

#migration-portability, #weekly-update