Migration update: try this importer

Hey everyone,

The importer is largely unchanged from last week, with the exception of a few UI changes:

  • #341: Progress for posts/attachments/menu items is now shown correctly (in %d of %d format)
  • #342: The debug view (showing the raw data) now uses print_r through a special chars filter
  • #340: UI now has full-sentence strings to communicate how the process works and when the import is done, and Refresh/Abort buttons are shown above and below the progress.

An import of a WordPress WXR file in progress

A completed WordPress import

I’ve also had the chance to run it against a large number of import files, including ones sent to me by generous volunteers who read some of my previous weekly updates (props @tieptoep). No catastrophes, yet!

Obviously, it’s still a work in progress, but I’m now willing to risk a public beta. The usual disclaimers (please don’t use this on a production site) apply.

Although I’m not aware of any other plugins that build on the WXR importer through its API, I nevertheless generated some PHPDoc API documentation using phpDocumentor 2, which might be handy if you decide to hook into this or reuse its components.

I’d love to hear your feedback on the interface, on the general experience using this importer, and any errors or warnings that you encounter. Thanks!

#importers, #migration-portability, #weekly-update