Post By Email Update: POP/IMAP libraries, Trac questions

Rather unexciting update this week, as I’m still in the midst of a few things (and have been distracted by caring for a cat who had some teeth pulled… poor kitty!).

As I mentioned last week, in reading through old Trac tickets, I learned that the POP3 class we’re using to read emails was originally copied over from SquirrelMail.  I’ve been digging into their SVN repo in hopes of being able to adopt (1) an updated POP library that might include fixes for some of the bugs we’ve found, and (2) an IMAP library that we can similarly adapt to our own uses.

It’s an interesting adventure trying to reconstruct years of history from bug tracker and commit logs… at any rate, it appears the POP3 library originally came from a SquirrelMail plugin called “mail_fetch”, which was since merged into SquirrelMail core.  Complicating matters, the file was renamed from class-pop3.php to class.mail_fetch.php.  But I did ultimately track it down!

However, while the development branch of SquirrelMail now has “some plumbing” to support remote IMAP servers, I’m not sure whether any of that code will be useful for our needs — it’s not just still under development, but much more intertwined with the rest of SquirrelMail’s code, as opposed to being a standalone class.  At this point I’m more inclined to go with a different library, and have been researching alternatives; the top contender right now is the Horde IMAP library, which also includes an abstraction layer for POP3 (but I’m open to suggestions, if anyone has a favorite).  In the next week, I plan to load that into the plugin and see if I can get it working to support a wider variety of mail servers.

In other news, I’ve found myself fighting with Trac a lot lately.  I’m curious how all y’all keep track of tickets — both existing ones that you want to receive notices about, and new ones coming in that might be relevant to your interests.  Do you have custom searches bookmarked, an RSS feed, something else?  Please share any tips!

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