Post By Email Weekly Update

This past week, I continued delving into the mysteries of unit testing, and ended up submitting a minor patch back to the unit-tests repo (after spending some time trying to figure out what was wrong with my setup that was causing one of the tests to fail on core).

The Post By Email plugin now has working tests for activation, but not yet for the main functionality, which will require further research to learn how to mock out email retrieval.  (I’ve back-burnered this for the moment.)

I also spent some time wandering around Trac, and learned that a problem I’ve been having is actually an ancient bug, which I then tracked down to a misbehaving regex that is supposed to determine the charset of the email.  It requests that iconv transform the given text into the garbled charset, gets nothing back, and proceeds to cheerfully create an empty post.  I haven’t fixed it yet, as I’m hoping to replace large swaths of that code with a new library anyhow (apparently we originally got that POP3 library from SquirrelMail, which does now support IMAP and SSL, so that’s the first place I’ll look unless there are other recommendations).

Finally, I collated the plugin’s status and error messages into a mini-log, and added a quick status overview to the settings page.  I also put a “check now” button in the settings.  Right now it just logs the result of the most recent check; ultimately I plan to show a longer history, and also organize/format the messages better (errors color-coded, links to posts, etc.).

I tweaked a few more things about my setup this week, and am now mirroring the plugin source on Github, if Git happens to be more your cup of tea.

Next, I’m focusing on developing a patch to deprecate Core, and vetting existing plugins to ensure backward compatibility.

#post-by-email, #weekly-update