Code Revisions: Week 3

Week 3 of GSoC: Half-way to midterm and half-way to feature complete beta.

The last week was about restoring code revisions (#296). There again the problamatic part was how differently WordPress handles themes (#306) and plugins (#307). By now I am actually considering to streamline the two editor files (theme-editor.php and plugin-editor.php) using a general code editor class. Espacially plugin-editor.php does some weird stuff: The plugin query var for example often contains the last viewed file instead of the plugin’s main file. There are actually already multiple trac tickets regarding stuff like this. But this would be out of scope of my project – maybe something for after midterm, depending on the project’s progress.

Until next tuesday I will teach the plugin to pay attention to direct file changes through ftp or theme/plugin updates (#303). Users should be able to see how their own changes were overwritten. This is of special interest when the user intends to reimplement his own changes or wants to check if bugs he fixed are now fixed officially.

If you are interested you can test version 0.3, report bugs and follow on further progress on trac.

#code-revisions, #weekly-update