Code Revisions: Week 2

What’s going on here? Thought tuesday is code revisions day here on make core.. 😉

Well, doesn’t matter that much, not much to report today. Version 0.2 gives you a metabox below the code editors listing all revisions as you know it from the post and page editor (#286). The metabox tries to replicate the original as close as possible. A difference here is that it is created using JS and an AJAX request. This ensures that I don’t have to edit core files but it also results in no metabox with JS disabled. As it looks at the moment the latter won’t be a problem because revision viewing will be JS-only starting with 3.6. Furthermore from now on you get redirected to the corresponding code editor when trying to access the post editor for posts of the code custom post type (#289). This is especially helpful when clicking the title displayed at the top of wp-admin/revisions.php

At the moment I am closely following the final pre 3.6 changes in the revisions component. The next steps for the project is to introduce restoring (#296) and to pay attention to direct file changes (#303).

#code-revisions, #weekly-update