For those of you who receive wp svn…

For those of you who receive wp-svn commit emails: I’m considering a simple change to reduce some of the noise on that list. The change would be to not email any commits by bumpbot or potbot.

One of the original goals of bumpbot was to reduce the noise when doing code review on a commit that involved JS or CSS. But these commits can occur fairly often and still cause noise.

The concern is two-fold:

  1. Will skipped commit numbers cause people to look around for them, so instead of saving time, it actually increases time spent on these?
  2. If a bot screws up and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

I think #1 is surmountable. #2 can be solved in a few ways. One, the commits will still be posted to IRC by svn-bot, and viewable in Trac’s timeline. Two, we could continue to have them sent to a few people, if necessary. Also, these bots have made few mistakes over the years, as every time there’s been a bug, we’ve fixed it. Of course, it’s all just VCS, so any issue can be reverted. And we have protection in place around releases to make sure the bots did their jobs and “run clean”.

Anyone have a strong opinion either way?

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