Twenty Thirteen project update, March 19, 2013

We’re in great shape to get to beta. Here is what we’re working on right now.

Blocking older installs

Tracked in #23819 — since Twenty Thirteen is 3.6+ only, older installs could see errors. We’d like to come up with a graceful way to not allow older versions of WordPress to install and run Twenty Thirteen.

Maybe a nag function in the theme that puts up a warning? Forcing a change the previously activated theme upon activation? What are your thoughts?

Relates to #13780 also.

Post formats integration

See #23619, #23620, and #23621 — we are waiting on the core functionality to be committed before we can change the theme code (images, videos, galleries, links).

Recently completed

  • HTML5 improvements to comment list, comment form, and search form (yay!) #22005, #23702, and #23701
  • Solidify footer positioning when no JavaScript or no Masonry script available: #23771
  • More gallery visual fixes: #23773 and #23769

Open issues

Here is a link to open tickets.

#3-6, #bundled-theme, #theme, #twentythirteen