Twenty Thirteen project update, March 4 2013

What we worked on last week

Lots of fixes and improvements went in — thanks to everyone who reported and patched and tested.

Bigger items discussed:

1. Fixing the sidebar (including discussion of dropping it completely). We decided to just swap primary and secondary sidebars for now. See #23644.
2. Remove fixed navbar for mobile — yes, let’s remove it. See #23647.
3. Keep fixed navbar for desktop for now, but next step is to switch site title to menu there, try that out.

IRC logs: Tue Feb 26 2013 | Thu Feb 28 2013

What we’re doing this week

More work on open tickets.

Big items to tackle next:

  • Post format support: #23619 #23620 #23621
  • Sidebar / footer clearing, still no perfect CSS-only solution. JS techniques are next. See #23557.
  • Gallery styles: portrait sized images, #23649 — and caption styles, #23584.

Non-theme tickets that affect Twenty Thirteen’s progress:

  • #15080: Comment Form Should use HTML5 input types for better accessibility
  • #15081: Search Form should use type=’search’
  • #20088: Improve wp_list_comments() comment markup

Want to get involved?

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