Autosave and Post Locking – 2/13

This is a rather late update, and will serve for the last two; apologies!

Last week, we talked about the locks that went in, and @markjaquith suggested that we replace the “lock” with a Gravatar, which I like quite a bit. Will experiment with that to see if it can work.

Today we chatted about the most recent update to #23220 posted by @azaozz, which integrates the work done by @asannad (AmitSannad on IRC), and adds a UI for selecting which you’d like to restore: localsaves_screenshot

In addition, if it’s found that you have an autosave that has failed, and have a newer version locally, you’re warned (either on the Posts list or Post itself), and linked to the UI that allows you to restore the content (post content and title only) and save at will:

It was brought up during the chat by @nacin that the UI included in the patch might be more than we need, and that we should decide what is best for the user regarding restores, and perform it for them. We continue to chat about this, and opinions are welcome!

Lastly, there is a patch from @mintindeed on #23295 currently waiting for integration! That patch, and the one on #23220 could use some testing — let us know if you run into problems on trac.

We’ll be meeting again this Friday at 2100 UTC (1pm PST).

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