Menus Office Hours (Feb 7)

Here’s a recap of yesterdays office hours.

Work accomplished since last office hours

Major items discussed

1) Theme locations continues to be our biggest design challenge. We discussed a bunch of options and decided to go with checkboxes for theme locations for now – while we continue to stew on alternative approaches.

2) We discussed having settings at the top or the bottom, and settled on them being on the bottom.

On the docket

  • Refactor accordion code (@lessbloat)
  • Re-assess CSS in latest patch (currently 23119.28.1.diff), and move colors to colors.css (Looking for a volunteer here)
  • Browser compat testing (Looking for a volunteer here)
  • No JS testing (Looking for a volunteer here)
  • Code review (Looking for volunteers here – hopefully from multiple people)
  • Commit what we’ve got

After that

  • Any additional accessibility work
  • Additional code refactoring
  • Am I missing anything?

p.s. @DrewAPicture, I added a title this time just for you. 😉

#3-6, #menus