Revisions Update, 1/25

Yesterday, the revisions team had its second scheduled office hours chat in #wordpress-dev at 1600 UTC. @karmatosed and I were both afk, and our first chat was earlier this week, so it was a short meeting [IRC log].

@nacin popped in to mention that he’ll be working on the API for draft changes to published content. This will overlap with, but shouldn’t take away from, the revisions efforts our team is working on. For reference, the ticket’s we’ve scoped for 3.6 are listed here.

Overall, progress this week has been tentative, mostly focused around #16215 and #16847; thanks to @adamsilverstein for his efforts on those tickets thus far. A big area of focus in the near-term will be the UI improvements—there’s been a fair bit of discussion on this front in the comments here and here.

Our next meeting is Monday, January 28, at 1600 UTC. At the moment, our office hours on Thursdays conflict with the Post Formats team, so one of us will have to move. We’ll keep the hours listed in the sidebar updated as we move forward.

#3-6, #revisions