Autosave and Post Locking Update, 1/25

We had our scheduled meeting today in IRC to continue planning the feature for this cycle.

@azaozz noted that he’s continuing work on the Heartbeat API #23216, on schedule for initial commit before next week.

I am continuing work on an initial pass for the post/page tables to display locks, and properly display edit/bulk edit links when locked. Should have an initial pass ready for view on Monday.

@mintindeed offered to help port his plugin to core for improved login expiration warnings, which is great! He’s created #23295 to track the efforts.

@asannad (AmitSannad on IRC) offered to help with localstorage Autosaves, which is being tracked on #23220. Initially, we’ll use a simple schema for storage, but will probably need something more complex later on to avoid collisions where multiple databases are used within the same domain.

As initial guidance for improved workflow for locks, we’re looking over the plugin mentioned in #18515. @nacin is checking with the authors to see if there’s a new version we can take a look at.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, January 29th at 2100 UTC (1pm PST).

#3-6, #autosave-and-post-locking