Revisions Update, Jan 22nd

This week the revisions team had our first in-person meeting and we started by setting out office hours for this cycle which are 4pm UTC on Mondays and Thursdays. We then went through and reviewed a large number of open trac tickets related to revisions to get a feel for the existing bugs and enhancement requests as well as to set down a line as to what we feel is and isn’t in scope.

We ended our review with 8 “in-scope” existing tickets:


  • #16215 – Post Revision history displays the incorrect author
  • #20982 – Attribution of changes via edit_last after restore
  • #16847 – Capability check fails for custom post type revision edit (& map_meta_cap no good)
  • #9843 – Duplicate autosave/revisions clutter the database


  • #/22289 – Filter to override WP_POST_REVISIONS (or define it later)
  • #19932 – More context when display revision info for plugins
  • #18733 – Show revision number for post/pages in Revision list
  • #7237 – Multiple clean_post_cache() calls when saving a post due to post revisions

We explicitly left the following out of scope:

  • #9681 – Add hooks to allow a plugin to support the deletion of unneeded revisions
  • #20564 – Post Meta Revisions
  • #20299 – Preview changes on a published post makes all post meta “live”
  • #11049 – Page Preview does not autosave page template

After the trac ticket discussion we then talked about UI ideas and set ourselves some goals for this week:

  • More UI mockups – to come in the comment thread here
  • Start investigating and addressing some of the bugs

Full logs of our IRC Chat are here

#3-6, #revisions