Bug Gardening with Sergey Biryukov (new TV show?)

I’m pleased to announce that Sergey Biryukov has been given guest commit access for the 3.6 cycle.

Ryan, Mark, Aaron and I have asked Sergey (twitter: @SergeyBiryukov) to run bug gardening efforts for 3.6. He’ll be working on both old and new tickets, clearing patches and fixing bugs.

If bug fixes are your thing, or you come across one of those simple random patches that belong in core, Sergey is your man.

Some three years ago, Ryan sent me a note and asked if I wanted commit, half-joking that he was tired of shoveling my patches into core every day of the week.

Allow me to pass the baton. Sergey’s Trac activity can best be described as omnipresent. He has had many hundreds of contributions, large and small, accepted to WordPress core. His contributions are always thoroughly researched, with links to related tickets and changesets often going back to a previous decade. He writes good code, accepts feedback in earnest, and willingly provides rounds of advice and insight to contributors old and new. He has earned the respect of many and we’re really happy to have him leading the maintenance crew.

With Sergey on bug patrol, you’ll find Ryan and I running the architectural projects this cycle, like slashing, caching, and databasing. Something for everyone!

#3-6, #commit