Here’s a quick update on the 3.6 menu…

Here’s a quick update on the 3.6 menu changes we’ve been making:

Last week we:

  • Merged the the UI into two screens. Now we have manage menus & add/edit menus.
  • Tested this new two screen approach. Â It went really well (we put two users through – videos are on the Make/UI P2).
  • Improved & simplified some copy
  • Added a new hookable “common links” meta box with “home” and “Log in” as the default links (both of which are fairly confusing to try and add to a menu otherwise).
  • Added keyboard accessibility for rearranging menu items

What’s left:


  • Break this out into two separate files 1) manage 2) add/edit (@jkudish is on this)
  • Code review everything (@jkudish volunteered)


  • Updated copy for help tabs (both manage, and add/edit screen) (@DrewAPicture volunteered)
  • Updated copy for (@DrewAPicture volunteered)
  • Updated copy for (@DrewAPicture volunteered)


  • Once the code items are complete, I’ll run another round of user tests (@lessbloat)
  • RTL testing
  • Browser compatibility testing
  • No JS testing

If you’ve got some time, we’d love your help with testing the latest patch.


I’d love to hear all of your thoughts, concerns, criticisms. 🙂

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