Feature Team Updates and Office Hours

The WordPress 3.6 feature teams should be updating here on make/core twice a week, on the following schedule. List any major developments, summarize any notable IRC conversations that happened, call for help where coding, testing, discussion is needed, etc. They don’t need to be long, unless a lot of stuff happened. The idea is that people who aren’t in IRC and Trac every day can still stay up to date on features and jump in when they can. And it will keep the teams aware of their progress (or lack thereof) on a more regular basis.

Monday and Thursday

  • Autosave/Post Locking
  • Nav Menus
  • Post Format UI

Tuesday and Friday

  • Editorial Flow
  • Core Maintenance and Architecture
  • Revisions

Next, while many features are still being actively planned, the feature teams should hold IRC office hours where more realtime discussion can take place to get the features scoped and planned a little better. Feature teams should announce these hours here on make/core (can be part of their twice-weekly updates).