WordPress 3.6: the Post Formats UI feature

Post formats is going to be a major win for 3.6. It’s one of those features that has so much potential, but it really falls short in usability and honestly we haven’t really taken the time to truly show what it can do. We’re going to re-think the admin UI for post formats, similar to what Alex King did with his WordPress Post Formats Admin UI plugin. The goal is to make post formats much more user friendly and then show them off with the 2013 theme.

We’ve chosen @helen as lead for this project. Helen has done some amazing stuff customizing the post screen for various projects, and we’re glad to be able to leverage that for core.

Anyone interested in helping with this feature, please comment to let us know. The 3.6 schedule is considerably shorter than the 3.5 schedule was, so we really need to get moving on things as quickly as possible.

#3-6, #post-formats