The short road to 3.5

Good dev chat today. The plan is for RC1 tonight (more on that in a moment). Here’s the current assignments for who is working on what, based on the main 3.5 report. Feel free to help with testing and patching across the board.

  • A number of IE7/8/9 issues with media, of varying severity. A number of people are working on this, and more are welcome. The focus is currently IE9 and IE8. Until those are fully working, IE7 should be untouched, as we may just severely degrade the media UI in IE7. #22446
  • Mark Jaquith is working on the SimplePie/DOMDocument/kses ticket. #21990
  • Dion was to work on the get_home_path() ticket, which is now fixed. #20449
  • The general IE audit for 3.5 was done with one more commit. #22467
  • The about page and feature pointers need an initial commit. #22455, #22454
  • The help text changes need a final review and commit. #22451
  • The WP_Image_Editor architecture ticket is still an ongoing conversation between scribu, Marko, and Mike Schroeder. #22356
  • Dominik (ocean90) has a patch ready to close out the attachment post type UI ticket. #21391
  • Koop is working on the media upload tickets. #22243, #22480

Ongoing things:

  • The Tumblr Importer needs beta testers! It now uses their OAuth API, which requires you to create a (simple) app. Link to the beta version. #22422
  • Want to test WordPress 3.5? Consider testing the more interesting scenarios: mobile devices, desktop browsers (IE!), right-to-left languages.

Lower priority tickets:

  • westi is working on the _wp_translate_postdata() ticket. #22417
  • The media tickets here will be worked on over the next few days. #22524, #22282, #22494, #22532#22512, #22517
  • The child theme installation bug is now fixed in trunk. There is a patch with some additional error handling. #22515

Decisions reached:

  • Twenty Ten will not be shipped with fresh downloads of WordPress 3.5. It will still be supported (and still reside in core SVN) and will continue to receive updates through the themes directory. #22500

Schedule from here on out:

  • Release Candidate 1 today, once we have no more tickets of major severity open.
  • Eat turkey tomorrow. I won’t be opening my computer tomorrow. If you’re with family, you shouldn’t either.
  • Release Candidate 2 on Monday. At this point, report/6 should ideally be empty (no tickets). is also planning to merge 3.5 on Monday, which should significantly increase our test coverage (and bug reports) for media come next week.
  • Release Candidate 3 (assuming there are major bugs fixed after 2) no later than Monday, December 3.
  • Which sets us up for a December 5 release, assuming we don’t reach a critical mass of critical issues next week.

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