Today’s dev chat starting in two hours Triage…

Today’s dev chat, starting in two hours:

  • Triage No ticket should be without an owner, a path forward, and a timeline.
  • Discuss timeline for RC1 and how we are all feeling.
  • Things we need to do (or start thinking about) to prepare for a final release:
    • We need an About page of features. So, what are our wins?
    • Full sweeps for RTL, help text, IE, no JS, the blue color scheme, performance regressions, and 100% passing unit tests.
    • Continue to scan the support forums and awaiting review tickets reported against trunk to ensure we don’t miss anything.
    • Brainstorm what features and API changes need written tutorials (the “field guide”), and get people on board to research and write them.
    • Figure out what changes might need “3.5 compat” posts. The wpdb::prepare() argument change comes to mind, and obviously parts of media.

All tickets should have people responsible for them, but also, so should all of these release preparation tasks. There’s something in there for everyone — bug gardeners, documentation, research, testing, etc.

#agenda, #dev-chat