Trac email issues are fixed

Unfortunately, the Trac mailing lists for WordPress Core and BuddyPress were missing many tickets and comments over the last few days. (From about October 15, 12pm ET to about October 17, 2am ET, an hour ago.)

I OK’d a change to the Trac configs, but forgot about the restrictive mailman rules designed to block spam on these read-only lists. My bad.

Many of us of course rely on these mailing lists, to the point where if it fails, we miss comments or entire tickets. To explain why you may have gotten some emails, but not all: You would have gotten it directly from Trac (rather than the mailing list) if you were already participating on a ticket.

I’ve added support for ticket comments directly in the Trac timeline across all Trac instances on Here are links to days with missing time periods:

Note that the “From” email for these mailing lists is now Rather than You may need to adjust Gmail filters as appropriate (there hasn’t been a spam issue on these lists for some time; consider targeting list headers).

Let me know if you have any lingering issues or questions.