Please suggest items for the Wednesday September 26…

Please suggest items for the Wednesday, September 26, dev chat.

Suggested reading: Countdown to 3.5 Beta 1 and Timeline for Twenty Twelve 1.0.

Updated. Agenda topics based on the comment thread:

  • #21951 – Twenty Twelve – Conditionals in one template versus more templates but less logic
  • #21101 – get_comments() – comment_approved versus status
  • #18302 – theme_uri() with child theme inheritance
  • #22002 – Plugin favorites via the plugin installer screen

An incomplete list of things that need to land before beta 1:

  • Welcome screen v2
  • Color picker (even if it is the initial pass; we can follow up after with @mattwiebe’s changes)
  • Retina spinners (more likely people can find bugs)
  • Page on front UI
  • Multisite in a subdirectory