Agenda for August 1 project meeting * 3.4.2…

Agenda for August 1 project meeting:

  • 3.4.2 — review the ticket queue. Quick triage.
  • WordCamp SF — Dev Day is this Sunday. If @beaulebens is around, he can share his plans.
  • Retina tasks — status check. Hope to have a discussion on what our goals are: retina admin, versus retina uploads. I think uploads (images, custom headers) are a more complicated issue that may be a better plugin for now. Or, at the very least, we need some proposals on how we may solve and implement this. #16461 #21388 #21389 #21038 #21019
  • Need some people to step up, study, and present some thoughts/solutions on a number of tickets, including:
    • #21391 — possibly using a standard post type UI for attachments, which could result in some CPT API improvements
    • #16379 — better UI for page on front. Can someone try out implementing the ideas here?
  • General status checks on other tasks in progress, such as ImageMagick support, welcome/NUX improvements, Twenty Twelve, removing Links

#3-5, #agenda