Updated Credits

Each release cycle, we try to recognize those core contributors who’ve made the greatest impact, ramped up the quickest, and/or been the most reliable.

In the Contributing Developers category, mainstays Sergey Biryukov, Dominik Schilling (Ocean90), and Cristi Burcă (Scribu) are joined by Aaron Campbell and Helen Hou-Sandi. Aaron has been contributing for several years, but his work this cycle on improvements to custom headers stood out. Helen, who was a Recent Rockstar in 3.3, stepped up with improvements to the theme screen, UI/CSS fixes, and general helpfulness as fixes of all sorts were made through the later stages of the cycle.

The Recent Rockstars section is mainly aimed at recognizing newer contributors and/or contributors who’ve been around for awhile casually but have recently increased their involvement. In this category, Amy Hendrix worked (with Aaron Campbell) on the improvements to custom headers with great success. George Stephanis worked on css and improving the mobile experience. Stas Sușkov contributed to the thinking behind HTML captions, a feature that has been waiting patiently on Trac for years. Max Cutler and Marko Heijnen both worked on updating aspects of XML-RPC, and Kurt Payne contributed to dozens of tickets including the refactoring of admin-ajax.php.

Thank you all for your increased efforts, and congratulations on having your picture in the credits!

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