Team Update XML RPC on behalf of westi…

Team Update: XML-RPC (on behalf of westi)

In our second cycle, the primary focus was CRUD methods for taxonomies. The work was tracked in #18438, and covers both the core implementation and the unit tests.

We also spent more time refining the cycle 1 work (CRUD for all post types), tracked in #18429. This included fixing some date bugs (related to #15098), adding support for getting/setting post thumbnails (related to #15098), and writing unit tests.

After using the posts methods from cycle 1, it became clear that the post type information methods from #18436 were highly desirable. The old patches on that ticket were updated and aligned with the rest of the XML-RPC work for this release.

westi was not available for much of this cycle, so Marko and I worked on our own; he is now reviewing our final patches and will comment or commit shortly. In the meantime, I’m finishing up work on XML-RPC documentation for the codex, which should be ready by beta. Marko and I will also continue to expand the XML-RPC unit tests suite (now around 75 tests).

#team-update, #xml-rpc