Results of 2/15 Dev Meeting

The teams and status document has been updated to reflect current cycles. Yesterday’s dev meeting focused on identifying issues pertaining to blockers and resources, and whether any adjustments or corrections needed to be made, across all teams. As I didn’t keep a general summary, you may find the log is here.

I did take notes on who needs resources from whom:

  • @PeteMall and @MarkJaquith will be discussing #19796 and #19235 with @ryan and @nacin
  • @westi and @maxcutler will be discussing capabilities in XML-RPC and APP with @ryan, @nacin, @kurtpayne
  • @getsource and @helenyhou need @azaozz and @dkoopersmith to go over the scrolling JS
  • @jane and @helenyhou: screenshots review
  • @jane and @petemall: autocomplete UI review
  • Also @jane: Review HTML in captions UI (if necessary) and header changes

And there may be a few others I didn’t catch. Ideally this will all happen before our meeting next Wednesday.

Two teams were added: @georgestephanis and Zach Abernathy (thezman84) working on tablets, and @aaronjorbin working with Tom Auger (tomauger) on favicons. I have been communicating with both teams to help get things off the ground.

If you want to get involved, there are 198 open tickets on report 5, many of which fall under no team. If they do, find the team during office hours or contribute directly to the ticket, as many have done.

Next meeting is 2/22 at 2100 UTC.