Team Update: Gardening

  • duck_ finished the rewrite tickets that were in our sights and moved on to import/export.
  • The WP_Query improvements might land soon (#18536). I want to do some more testing with memcached first.
  • The ajax code reorg is done (#15327). A few variable scope related bugs were fixed. Unit tests added.
  • post_content_filtered is now the same size as post_content (#19387). Rejoice. I think this concludes the schema changes for 3.4.
  • Review, test, commit, and pinch hit for other teams.
  • Profiling of various admin pages, looking for slow things.
  • And the usual gardening activities. The winnowing is slow but steady.

Coming up:

  • Land WP_Query changes
  • Import/export
  • More unit tests
  • Particularly autop unit tests. Anyone?
  • Pick a couple of new components to ticket target. Suggestions?