Team Update i18n Our first two week cycle…

Team Update: i18n

Our first two-week cycle comes to a close. Very successful, with more than 20 tickets outright closed, and more in the pipeline or nearing completion. Some highlights since last week’s update:

  • Fixed localization issues when a plugin calls wp_enqueue_script() too early. #19959, #11526
  • Fixed ajax calls for IDN domains (broken in IE and Opera). We partnered with Ryan on this one, to introduce a new ‘relative’ scheme for the URL functions. #18952
  • Hebrew letter nun no longer breaks search results. (Good UTF-8 fix.) #19033
  • We finished off #19852 and, again, #18180, #19924, and #19600
  • Commas (when used to separate tags) were internationalized. A very helpful fix for a number of locales. #7897
  • Finalized RTL styling changes in #19598
  • Made the TinyMCE spellchecker dropdown localizable #19962
  • The document for translators is current (view it here)
  • Awaiting feedback from translation teams in #19980, #8759, and #19601
  • Ryan and I want to revisit #19599

Our next cycle will start in a few days. It will focus on the raw implementation of language packs. Dion will be spearheading the upgrade/install bits while I continue to work on infrastructure as well as the contents of said packs. For now, Sergey is looking at transliteration and character conversion, while I will work on #19597 and #15858.

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