Team update: Browsing Buddies

Current Cycle Focus: Themes Screen Infinite Scrolling (#19815); ends this Thursday, 2/9

This week we talked a bit about the UI/UX of it all and decided to hide pagination links if infinite scrolling is on. Latest patch on the ticket also moves the JS into the existing theme.js. Discussed with rboren and decided to raise the per_page number on the installed themes screen to something high (999 in the current patch, or in essence, everything). Related: #19469

With the commits of patches for #18094 and #19853, search filters and the details link are now fully functional with infinite scroll. DH-Shredder is working on the display of the spinner, and a refreshed patch should be up on Trac before tomorrow’s dev chat for review and more eyes, especially on the JS. Looks like we’re on track to finish this cycle on time.

Next up: Multiple screenshots for themes (#19816). Comps still wanted over at Make UI.

#browsing-buddies, #team-update