Team Gandalf Update

Wednesday marked the halfway point of our first iteration. The description of our current cycle can be found in #19910. Development is currently taking place in a plugin (you can find the repo here). For an overview of appearance improvements, see #19909.

We’ve accomplished most of the initial goals for this cycle and are now refining and building out the existing concepts. Currently, the two remaining points are to add an (initially blank) save action and to enable communication between the UI and preview via postMessage.

On Tuesday, we had a UX review with Jane where we decided to proceed with a stacked accordion UI to navigate between different components in the preview frame. We also decided to add a button to collapse the sidebar (similar to the “collapse menu” button in the admin menu, but larger and “more buttony”). Once postMessage support has been added, we’ll also experiment with a zooming feature to allow the user to get a bird’s eye view of the page. In addition to adding the save action and postMessage, ocean90 and I are hoping to get a head start on the accordion UI so we can break more tasks out to subteams.

We have another meeting with Jane in #wordpress-dev scheduled on Monday at 21:00 UTC that will double as office hours. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to swing by the meeting, drop a comment here, or ping me (koopersmith) or ocean90 in IRC. All in all, we’re on track to meet our two week deadline.

#customize, #gandalf