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Team Update: XML-RPC (Friday)

The XML-RPC team is working on the implementation of an wp namespaced api for XML-RPC to allow the Creation, Read, Update and Delete of Posts/Pages or any CPT. We are focusing on a tight integration in naming and behaviour with the core WordPress apis and avoiding strict one to one backwards compatibility with the older MetaWeblog/Blogger post creation apis so as to create a simpler more consistent api.

Relevant Tickets: #18419, #18430, #18431, #18432, #18433

Some of the tickets have existing patches we are happy with and some we are reworking, our primary focus for the first week has been implementing wp.newPost (#18429) and reviewing the other tickets. Once the implementation for wp.newPost is complete the other APIs should come together quickly.

Office Hours: TBD – I will post these once we have them

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