Agenda for Dev Chat 1/25/2012

Last week was more of an old school group status check and less of a new-process meeting (my bad, I had a time conflict). Let’s try to get back to the stuff we said we would start doing.

  • First we’ll review past meeting to-dos and make sure everything is done that is supposed to be (or see if there’s anything that is supposed to be done by now but isn’t).
  • Look at draft project schedule, edit as needed and approve.
  • Check in with each team to ID state (just finished scoping, already developing, or tested and commit-ready patch posted) and plug into schedule based on state + ux needs
  • Review each team’s planned scope/timing for 1st cycle
  • Assign days to each team for putting up weekly status posts on this blog (and add authors to site if needed)
  • Choose ‘office hours’ for each team to be in this channel and meet to chat re progress and/or chat with community members who are working on related tickets and have questions or need patch review
  • See if there are any new sub-teams we can form to get cracking on more feature dev
  • ID to-dos for each team member for next week
  • Ticket discussion: people not on an assigned team who have posted a patch on a ticket can ask for core team to check it and give feedback
  • Ongoing discussions re feature dev

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