This Is Not a Feature List

The below notes are a discussion point of reference for today’s chat. This is NOT a feature list AT ALL. This means you, wpcandy and wptavern! 🙂 Seriously, these are just notes so we talk about stuff, not features we are building.

“The ‘Customize Your Site’ Release (a.k.a. the one that helps you make things look the way you want them to look)

Features: a ‘configure and activate’ wizard (Code Name: Gandalf), new default theme, individual improvements within Appearance and/or that show up on the front end

Core Team: Ryan Mark Westi Ozz Nacin Dion Koop Cave

54 possible volunteers”

Feature Possibilities:

Twenty Twelve theme – Matt, Lance

Framework for configure and activate (theme + associated custom header, background, menus, widgets) – Koop, Ocean

  • live preview of theme changes
  • activate without configure
  • drag and drop sidebars/widget areas from old theme to new theme
  • configure a new theme, with preview, and then push that theme live
  • easier static front page process

Better multisite support – Mark, Pete

  • improve UI
  • network enable v activate (parity with plugins)
  • subdirectory installs
  • get rid of ms-files.php (performance win)
  • autocomplete usernames or site names for network admin – Drew, japheth

Language Packs (can we find some language that makes this more understandable to the average user?) – Nacin, Dion, Sergey

Project: PinkPonyPress

  • MVC
  • Database abstraction
  • Smarty templating

Better theme finding – Helen, Mike S

  • infinite scroll on themes screen
  • multiple screenshots per theme

Better widgets – unassigned

  • widget area locations
  • widget preview, explicit save
  • clean up widgets screen, make it more streamlined

Better headers – Aaron and sabreuse

  • variable height
  • choose from media library

Better backgrounds

  • choose from media library


  • title tag as a setting instead of owned by theme – Cave, Boren
  • meta description tag in general settings – Cave, Boren


  • links in captions azaozz
  • imgmagick color profiles?
  • gallery wysiwyg if someone works on it


  • TMCE improvements – azaozz, stas


  • Work well in iPad/Fire (responsive CSS) Azaozz, georgestephanis
  • XML-RPC Westi, Max Cutler, Marko (API focus)
  • XML-RPC Joseph, Eric Mann (Bugs/features focus)

Master Gardening – Ryan, Jon Cave

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