Post-RC1 status update

Now that we’ve hit RC, we’re only dealing with regressions or 3.3-specific bugs. The window for guest committers is closed, and we’re all working with patches now — all commits first require secondary approval.

Confirmed 3.3 bugs

Five remaining bugs for 3.3. (See reports 5 or 6.)

  • #19411, an issue with shortcodes in text widgets. Needs developer feedback.
  • #19371, some limitations with the Admin_Bar API changes in 3.3. Needs developer feedback. Ideally, we solve this as simply as possible. That might be making get_nodes() public.
  • #19408, need to finalize logic surrounding some strings on the welcome panel. Patch (from ryan) is about ready.
  • #19410, “New” in + New icon on Admin Bar is black on focus. Patch from koopersmith ready to go.
  • #19346, final styling and strings for maintenance releases. Patches from me and chexee ready to go.

Watching for more bugs

Need to watch two things. One, defects reported against trunk, normally the first section of report 40. I just cleaned it out, so it’s empty.

Two, the Alpha/Beta support forums. I’ve been skimming these threads and they look impressively handled by ipstenu, duck_, and a number of others. If anything comes up, now is the time to sound the alarms.

String freeze

Per Jane’s post earlier this week, the goal is to release 3.3 in under two weeks. String freeze will likely occur on Friday, before the weekend. Need to handle #19346 and #19408, but that’s it — plenty of strings to be worked on.

Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven

I think both need version bumps.