15 10 6 tickets between us and launch…

15 10 6 tickets between us and launch. Still need a beta 4 and an RC. The tickets:

Needs Dev / Bug Wrangler Feedback

  • #19338 Welcome Panel and no JS don’t mix well — Not sure how we missed putting in a no-js version, but we did. Need one. @dkoopersmith was owner of feature, @azaozz has done lots of the no-js stuff in wp, and @joncave made the ticket and wrote a patch. Huddle and work it out. (@jane)
  • #17975 _default_wp_die_handler css referencing logic is fragile and doesn’t always work (@jane)

Has Patch / Needs Testing

  • #19020 Content Updates for Help Tabs — Tedious. Will finish before before string freeze at RC. Mostly same strings, just moved around a bit. @chexee, @jane and whoever wants to help with some copy paste drudgery patching.
  • #19191 Improve admin menu tab navigation — Gotta be keyboard accessible! @dkoopersmith or @azaozz need to check out patch by John Kleinschmidt on ticket. (@jane)
  • #19127 Welcome Panel should be displayed for the first administrator — Panel itself is done, but needs code underneath. @nacin is on this today. (@jane)
  • #19326 jQuery 1.7.1 — They just released this update. There were some issues with 1.7. (@jane)
  • #19292 Not found errors due to sanitization in sanitize_title_with_dashes — Mark’s patch being reviewed.
  • #19125 CPT as a submenu item does not get the correct classes when adding new (@jane)
  • #18693 New feature pointers — These are in, but in some browsers aren’t positioning correctly (fixed, [19416]). Also need a little RTL love, see #19335. (@jane)

Patch Needs Refresh

  • #18880 Back compat for the admin_user_info_links filter (@jane)

Needs Patch

  • #19088 Accessibility for the admin bar — Screen readers, tabbing, etc. (@jane)
  • #18742 New post-update screen — screen itself is done (translators, might want to get a head start, lots of new strings), but needs code to tell when to show it/to whom. Maybe some RTL love also. @nacin doing the when-to-show code. (@jane)
  • #19320 wp_tiny_mce() cannot call wp_editor(), and other issues — @nacin and @azaozz duking it out on the ticket. (@jane)
  • #19335 Make feature pointers nice for our RTL users (@jane)
  • #18467 Standardize Language on Core Update — @nacin working on it.