Weekly project meeting changed to 21:00 UTC starting Nov. 16

Normally the timing of the weekly project meeting IRC chat will not change with daylight savings changes, as it is anchored to 16:00 UTC. However, it also becomes an opportune time to adjust the time to better fit schedules for the core team and our most active contributors.

We’re going return to 21:00 UTC time. This is morning in Australia, afternoon in the U.S., late evening in the U.K. It will be nice to see @dd32 at our chats again. 🙂

Today we’ll meet at 17:00 (now) and we’ll start with 21:00 next week.

A number of us are doing daily bug scrubs (triage sessions) and 3.3 status checks (typically spontaneous and generally occurring in the U.S. afternoon), so we’ll see you around!

#dev-chat, #irc